Billy Ray Cyrus Responds to Jamie Foxx's Comments

April 16, 2009 By:
Billy Ray Cyrus Responds to Jamie Foxx's Comments

If Jamie Foxx thought he could just say 'I'm sorry' about the vulgar comments he made about Miley Cyrus and call it a day, he has another thing coming!

Miley's overprotective father Billy Ray is now chiming in on the feud and talks about how "hurtful" the comments were.

During his weekly radio show, The Foxxhole, Foxx reportedly told Miley to "make a sex tape and grow up," while other guests added that she should "Be like Britney Spears and do some heroin. Be like Lindsay Lohan and start seeing a lesbian...get some crack in your pipe. Now that's what I want."

During a taping of The Bonnie Hunt Show, which airs on Thursday, April 16, Billy tells Bonnie, “It was hurtful, there wasn’t nothing funny about it, and quite frankly, I think if I said those things about his daughter he might not find it so comedic.”

Foxx tried to explain that he's a comedian and views his show as the "Black Howard Stern," but that doesn't justify telling a 16 year-old to make a sex tape and do heroin. His comments were pretty outrageous and we have a feeling this feud isn't going to blow over anytime soon. What are your thoughts on the situation?