The Biggest Scandals of 2013

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The Biggest Scandals of 2013
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We’ve sifted through the wreckage that was the year 2013 to single out the most scandalous news stories of the year. Let’s relive the nine times the Internet imploded, shall we?

Beyoncé Lip-Syncing at the Presidential Inauguration

TREASON! Beyoncé had Americans in an uncalled for uproar when she took the world stage to sing alongside a backing track at President Obama’s inauguration ceremony earlier this year. She later re-sang “The National Anthem” a cappella during a Super Bowl press conference just to prove she could, reinstating the one-woman government that is Beyoncé in the process.

Miley Cyrus’ Provocative VMA Performance

THIS WILL JUST NOT GO AWAY. Nearing five months since the 2013 VMAs (that’s basically half a year) and people are still letting Miley twerk her way into entertainment news stories on the daily. And all because of this notorious performance.

Julianne Hough Went to a Halloween Party in Blackface

“OMG DON’T YOU OWN A MIRROR?!” the world asked. To which Julianne resoundingly answered “NO” when she stepped out for a Halloween party this year in blackface. The actress dressed up as Crazy Eyes from “Orange Is the New Black” and it was not a good look.

Justin Bieber Hooks Up with a Prostitute

SOMEONE PUT HIM IN TIME OUT. Justin’s bad boy behavior came to an apex when the singer took his world tour to Brazil where he was not just photographed leaving a Brazilian brothel, but having the cameras turned on him in the process. A fan-made YouTube video by a Brazilian woman with an escort past hit the Internet, which put Justin on total blast.

Lamar Odom’s Spiraling Drug Problem

CALL HELP. Lamar’s descent into drugs had fans worried, bracing for the worst after report upon report was published chronicling the basketballer’s crack cocaine issues—locking himself away in various drug dens around LA, making intoxicated-looking rap videos about cheating on his wife Khloe Kardashian, all the women who came forward claiming they’d slept with him—was just sad to witness.

Paula Deen’s Racist Remarks

WELCOME TO 2013. Paula may have melted hearts like butter on her comforting Food Network show, but when she took the stand over employee abuse allegations everyone got a different side of the celebrity chef and TV host. There was a controversy brewing in her deposition which left an unsavory taste in everyone’s mouths after she admitted to using the “N-word” on multiple occasions, but in a “non-mean way.” As a result, she lost her show and endorsements with Walmart, Target, QVC, Caesars Entertainment, Home Depot, Sears, Kmart, J.C. Penney and more.

Amanda Bynes’ Mental Breakdown

WHAT IS GOING ON HERE? Amanda commanded the attention of bystanders everywhere with her erratic behavior, which later proved to be a battle with mental illness. The actress was reportedly diagnosed with schizophrenia, which made all the media coverage mocking her that much sadder in retrospect.

Reese Witherspoon’s DUI Caught on Tape

“DON’T YOU KNOW WHO I AM?” Reese asked a police officer after he pulled her husband over on suspicion of a DUI. The Oscar-winning actress, also intoxicated, got out of the passenger seat to confront the local authority and say she was just utilizing her rights “to stand on American soil” and ask any questions she wanted to ask. Then she was arrested for obstructing justice.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Feud with Vanity Fair

AH HELL NAH. In what was the whitest fight in entertainment news this year, Gwyneth took on Vanity Fair magazine after she caught wind that they were planning to publish a devastating exposé on her, one that was supposedly going to insinuate she had an affair with another married man in Miami. Just because Gwynnie is in charge of “Goop” doesn’t mean she’s opposed to getting her hands dirty and it worked in her favor. The magazine is supposedly going to run a “softer” piece after she told all her A-list friends to never work with the publication again.