Author Of The Notebook Wants Miley

September 17, 2008 By:
Author Of The Notebook Wants Miley

Miley Cyrus is definitely ready to move on from Hannah Montana and shed her tween image. It's for us to even believe she's only 15. Well, Miley may have found just the right project to catapult her into the adult world.

According to Variety, Miley has signed on to star in an untitled film by the author of The Notebook Nicholas Sparks. The collaboration came about after Miley had mentioned to Disney execs that she'd like to star in a film like A Walk To Remember, also by Sparks.

So Sparks agreed to write an untitled novel, which will be out in fall 2009, and simultaneously work on a screenplay adaptation for the film.

When he told Miley about the plot, which focuses on family and romance, she was intrigued. Miley's mother, Tish, will serve as the film's executive producer. Look at Miley, growing up before our eyes!