5 Reasons We Think Miley and Liam Broke Up

February 28, 2013 By:
5 Reasons We Think Miley and Liam Broke Up
Image By: FameFlyNet

Per usual, Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are making headlines. If you even remotely pay attention to this couple, then you’re aware that there seems to be some shenanigans at play.

Here are five reasons why we think there could be trouble brewing in paradise… or, if you prefer, five reasons why Miley and Liam have one seriously open relationship.

1. Liam caught with January Jones: This was the biggest shocker to come out about the couple since Miley shaved her head. Liam was reportedly canoodling with the “Mad Men” actress.

Whether you believe this or not, photos at least pin the pair together on the scene.

2. Liam was alone in the first place: P.S. Why was Liam even going to a canoodling party alone to begin with?

3. Miley went to Elton John’s party solo: The following night, in an apparent attempt at revenge, Miley attended Elton John’s star-studded Oscar party by her lonesome. No such canoodling was reported here, though.

4. She hasn’t tweeted: Normal Twitter-fiend Miley Cyrus has been quiet on the social media sphere lately. Not a peep or a dog photo in days…

Is the songstress stewing, or just busy recording music for her new album?

5. Instead, she’s apparently stress-smoking: Miley was recently spotted and snapped enjoying a cigarette in her car. Our ever-present and inconsistent pal Perez Hilton interprets this as “stress-smoking.” We guess that’s possible…