Mila Kunis is Justin Timberlake's Bodyguard Now

August 3, 2011 By:
Mila Kunis is Justin Timberlake's Bodyguard Now

Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake were in Moscow promoting Friends With Benefits, when Kunis schooled a reporter in Russian.

During a Russian-speaking press conference, reporters asked Kunis questions, as Russian is the actress's native tongue. Timberlake sat by listening on some sort of translator thingee, and a reporter asked Mila why Justin is making movies instead of music now. Kunis quickly defended her co-star, saying "Why movies? Why not? What kind of question is that? Why are you here?"

Mila had the crowd laughing, and Justin said, "this is my bodyguard right here."

This just further proves Timberlake's power over every woman in Hollywood. Somehow, the greasy haired kid from *NSYNC has taken over everyone from Mila Kunis to Cameron Diaz. He's building an army of hot actresses to take over the world. Britney Spears tried to quit, and look what happened to her.

This hasn't been a good week for reporters. Yesterday Matt Damon got into it with a random cameraman after the guy started complaining about teachers. After the cameraman said that 10% of every profession had some incompetent people in it, Damon responded: "Maybe you're a sh-tty cameraman."

When celebs go at it with reporters, they either come out looking quick witted and hilarious or like self-centered jerks. Last year, a cameraman called Matt LeBlanc "Joey", and LeBlanc flipped out on him:

"I’m not Joey. Don’t you dare call me Joey. The papers say I’m finished, so don’t call me f-cking Joey. I want to leave that all behind. I’m moving on."

Actually, that one just seemed kind of sad.