Mila Kunis to Have Baby Before Marriage

November 20, 2013 By:
Mila Kunis to Have Baby Before Marriage
Image By: Getty Images / Justin K. Aller

Things aren’t just heating up for Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher…it’s also getting crazy serious.

Like, not just marriage #real, but some ASAP let’s-have-a-baby #REALNESS (sorry, this is what reporting on the endless rumors between Mila and Ashton does to our brain; it makes us form regrettably insane and incoherent sentences like the one you just read).

According to a source, this relationship is on the fast track—so fast, they’re blazing right past the wedding ceremony and potentially having a baby first.

“Ashton is definitely planning [a proposal]. And they both want kids,” the source said to People magazine. “It’s something they’re vocal about. I can’t imagine it will be very long before she’s pregnant. [Maybe] right after they get engaged, if not sooner.”

The reason for the speedy plans now is partially because of the divorce war, now finally over, between Ashton and his ex-wife Demi Moore which halted all their plans. “Demi was dragging her feet” during it, explained the same insider.

Now he can finally move on with Mila. “Ashton’s really found ‘The One’ in Mila,” the source added. “His family adores her. If something is important to [Mila] he’ll do it with a smile on his face without her even asking. I’ve never seen him so happy.”