Mila Kunis' Alleged Stalker Detained – She's Freaked!

May 7, 2012 By:
Mila Kunis' Alleged Stalker Detained – She's Freaked!

Mila Kunis’ alleged stalker is terrorizing her and it's got her freaked out! 

Stuart Dunn, 27, reportedly showed up at the actress's gym three days in a row last week in an attempt to get to Kunis. 

But this isn't the first time Dunn has tried to get close to the "Friends with Benefits" star.

Dunn allegedly broke into Kunis’ home in January and, after pleading no contest to the charge, was given 36 months probation and was ordered to stay clear of Mila for 3 years.

Flash forward to last week where Dunn shows up three days in a row to Mila's gym. I know what you’re thinking, people work out three times in one week?

Mila was so freaked out by Dunn’s constant stalking that she had her assistant file a police report on Thursday night. On Friday, the guy showed up to the gym again and police were called in. He is currently being detained at a mental facility for evaluation.

According to website, Daily Fill, as soon as cops took over, Mila retreated to her Range Rover and emerged briefly to identify the man as the one who had been harassing her for several days.

A rep for the Los Angeles Police Department told Daily Fill, “The call for service came out because the individual is affiliated with a stalking investigation. Sounds as if there has been some prior contact with this person.”

Also, E! News is reporting that the gym Mila attends is the Body Maxx Health Club in Beverly Hills. So there you go, happy stalking everyone else!

The investigation involving Dunn is currently underway and the guy could be arrested once the investigation is complete.