Mila Kunis Admits Her Butt Isn't Real

July 22, 2011 By:
Mila Kunis Admits Her Butt Isn't Real

Mila Kunis is not afraid to admit that her butt is fake. Unlike some other celebrities who get x-rays to prove the realness of the behinds, Kunis is going faux.

Sort of. Mila Kunis tells Ryan Seacrest that she used a butt double in her new film opening today “Friends With Benefits.”

She even had a butt-double casting call to find the “right girl.” Right now some aspiring actresses just tweeted, “I played Mila Kunis’s ass in #FriendsWithBenefits”

For the casting session, chicks lined up, turned around and dropped their pants for Mila Kunis herself. “These young ladies came in, and they were in a casting room, and I was there with the casting director and make-up artist,” says Kunis, “These lovely women had to show us their derrieres and the chosen one resembled my body the most without looking like it’s fake.”

Kunis had a very specific list of what she was willing and un-willing to reveal. Side boob? Ok. Butt? Never! “I showed side-boob and I figured I can’t just give away everything all at once. I have to let out little pieces here and there” she reveals.

Somewhere out there some weird internet nerd is in his parent’s basement creating a composite image of Mila Kunis’s body from all bits and pieces shown in the film. Gross.