Kutcher and Kunis in the Friend Zone Says Rep

April 17, 2012 By:
Kutcher and Kunis in the Friend Zone Says Rep

Conflicting reports of the relationship status of Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis have seemed to settle into the friend zone. But come on, how many times were Kelso and Jackie “just friends” and the next minute still hooking up?

Kutcher and Kunis were seen together this past weekend, but People Magazine reported today that the relationship is nothing more than two friends paling around and furniture shopping together.

People’s report, which cited a rep for Kunis, comes after X17 claimed Kutcher was rebounding via Kunis from his impending divorce with actress Demi Moore.

“This was definitely more than a dinner between friends,” said an X17 photographer. “This was a full-on date!"

The mixed information and mixed signals are so “That 70’s Show,” one can only assume that Kutcher and Kunis have reverted to their roles on the series. Next we’ll start catching Kutcher in rainbow vests and driving Kunis around in a VW van.

Former co-star and friend Wilmer Valderrama and Laura Prepon joined the “couple” at Kutcher’s new house in Los Angeles to complete the reunion. Of course, a “circle” session would be the only way to cap the night for the former costars. He’s got to have a replica of Eric’s basement somewhere in that mansion, right?

The group is scheduled to make an appearance on Fox’s 25th Anniversary special airing on Sunday.

No word as to why Topher Grace and Danny Masterson were missing in action. But if they weren’t invited, that would just be “totally not cool, man.”