Celebrities Who Had to Gain Weight

May 21, 2011 By:
Celebrities Who Had to Gain Weight

When celebrities have to lose weight for a role, it can be excruciating. Hours upon days in the gym, strict diet regimens, rumors of eating disorders--it's almost not worth it.

Until it's time to gain that weight back. After the movie comes out, you just pick up your Oscar, say thanks, and down a few Double Doubles with cheese.

The following celebrities have all had the luxury of bulking up either for-or after-a film. Grab a pint of rocky road and read all about how they did it! (hint: it involves a lot of gorging).

Mila Kunis: While filming Black Swan, Kunis shed a whopping 20 lbs over five months. Kunis was eager to put back on the weight, saying, “I had no shape, no boobs, no ass… all you saw was the bone. I was like, ‘This looks gross.’” To put the weight back on, Kunis indulged in burgers and Chinese food.

Christina Aguilera: After giving birth to her son, Christina dropped forty pounds, which was nearly all of her baby weight. When she filmed Burlesque, she dropped even more weight, quickly looking rail thin. But recently, Aguilera has bulked up, revisiting her naturally curvy body shape.

Megan Fox: Prepare to be disgusted—Megan Fox apparently can’t gain weight. Her personal trainer said, “She gets frustrated at times because she's like, 'I need to put on weight.' So she actually weight-trains to keep on that lean muscle tissue.” Maybe force-feeding some pizza at her face will help things along.

Hilary Swank: For her role in Million Dollar Baby, Swank had to gain fifteen pounds, a feat she found difficult. Swank said, “Normally I only eat until I’m full. On this shoot, I kept eating more. Even when I was full, I’d eat more. With nowhere to go, the weight stays on you.” Best. Job. Ever.

George Clooney: He had to gain weight for the movie Syriana, and Clooney solicited the advice of another professional-weight gainer: “When I found out I had to pile on the pounds – no way was I going to wear a ‘fat suit’, that would have looked so fake – I rang up Renée, an old friend, and asked how she managed to put weight on for the Bridget Jones movies.” So what did Zellweger suggest? Drinking pints of Guinness and lots of pasta topped with cream. Prepare for the worst hangover ever.

Charlize Theron: For her role in Monster, Charlize had to put on the pounds and get rid of the pretty. Theron said her character in the movie hated her body, so she had to make her body gross so she could get into character. “I don’t know how I could have played that part with this body,” Charlize said. We get it, you’re way too hot.

Michelle Williams: While she was filming Blue Valentine with costar Ryan Gosling, the two often tried to gain the most weight for their roles. “She ended up winning,” director Derek Cianfrance said. “Michelle was eating a pint of ice cream for breakfast and dinner and avocado sandwiches all day.”

If I were an actor, I’d do the same thing, even if the role didn’t call for it. “No, I really feel like this character would eat a bucket of fried chicken every night, and I want to understand where they’re coming from.”