Mike Tyson Reveals His Warm, Fuzzy Side in Vegas Show

April 16, 2012 By:
Mike Tyson Reveals His Warm, Fuzzy Side in Vegas Show

After spending years making money on display as a heavy-weight champion, Mike Tyson has decided to take some time and make some money talking about his years on display as a heavy-weight champion.

The 46-year-old ex-gladiator has hit the stage at the Hollywood Theatre at MGM Grand in Las Vegas. The show takes place from April 13-18 and touches on Tyson's experiences in the ring and the unrestrained drama behind the scenes.

Lately, Tyson has been no stranger to the entertainment industry. This new theatrical exploration follows several big-screen appearances, including the documentary, Tyson, as well as The Hangover trilogy, the third of which is expected to drop into theaters next year.

Sporting a classic pairing of white tux and massive face tattoo, Tyson will take to the stage each night with a backup singer and a five-piece band.

“Many of you wondered what the hell Mike Tyson was going to do on stage tonight,” Tyson announced in the third person to an audience of people, each individually wondering what exactly they paid $117.49 to see. “I was wondering the same thing.”

The confused audience then listened as Tyson went on a two-hour scripted, yet heart-felt spiel, laying out his past. The performance includes details on his alcoholic mother, his cocaine use, and his tendency for Japanese prostitutes.

The show is said to boldly steer from Tyson's fighting triumphs and right into the embarrassing holes of his career low-points, including the whole ear-biting incident. (Come one, did you really think I could get though this whole thing without mentioning the ear?)

So far, audiences seem happy, but they might just be clapping out of fear of what would happen if they didn't.