Mike Tyson Arrested!

November 12, 2009 By:
Mike Tyson Arrested!

Mike Tyson pulled a Kanye on Wednesday evening at LAX--and we're talking about crashing a speech. Tyson was arrested after an altercation with a paparazzi.

Tyson was being photographed as he arrived at LAX with his family when he lost his cool and lashed out at the unsuspecting photographer, reports Radaronline.

One punch and the pap was out cold. He had to be sent to the hospital to recover.

Tyson not only broke the photographers camera--he also broke his nose!

A police source tells Radar, "Mike Tyson was arrested at 4:39 pm at LAX terminal 7, United ticketing. The victim of the alleged assault was transported to a nearby hospital."

UPDATE: Tyson has been booked for misdemeanor battery with bail set at $20,000. The photog is also expected to be booked for misdemeanor battery.

Tyson's rep tells TMZ that he was traveling with his 10-month old daughter when he was attacked by an overly aggressive paparazzi adding that Tyson acted in self-defense to protect his child.