The Situation Looking for Mrs. Situation

January 20, 2011 By:
The Situation Looking for Mrs. Situation

Are you looking for a greasy, over tanned player to call your own? Look no further because Mike "The Situation" is ready to find love.

The Sitch says he's ready to find his Mrs. Situation to complete his "fairy tale life." Riiiiight.

"I would love to find that Mrs. Situation," he told Steppin Out's Chaunce Hayde.

He added, "right now, my life is a fairy tale and I would love to share those experiences with somebody, but, at the same time, it’s hard to have a relationship because I’m always flying around and I’m busy all the time."

So what kind of girl is the Sitch looking for? "She’ll be someone who definitely takes care of herself, takes pride in the way she looks and is very generous and sweet," he said. "She needs to be a giving person. That’s what I’m looking for personality wise.”

Sounds like someone is trying to get his own spin off show. They can call it "What's Your Situation?" or "Finding Mrs. Sitch" and a bunch of trashy looking orange skinned girls would compete for his love. Genius.