The Situation: I'm the New King of Reality

February 1, 2010 By:
The Situation: I'm the New King of Reality

Move over, Spencer Pratt. There’s a new reality king in town, and he’s known better for his abs than by his real name. Yes, we’re talking about Mike "The Situation" aka Mike Sorrentino, from Jersey Shore.

The Situation talked to Hollyscoop on the red carpet for the Grammy Awards, where he was equally as confident as he is in Seaside Heights. We asked him what we could expect from season two of Jersey Shore, which got picked up for another season with the same cast.

“I’m very excited about season two,” Mike told Hollyscoop. “I live life moment by moment so it’s going to be pretty crazy. Definitely going to be a situation. I’m the realest guy out there so I’m going to make it legendary. Season two legendary.”

Mike didn’t hold back on the red carpet, even though he was surrounded by the biggest stars in music. To him, he’s just as famous as the rest of them. He told us, “Right now I’m the reality king these days.”

He even treated some ladies to his infamous six-pack abs, to which he said, “They were going crazy over the situation.”

And speaking of women, The Situation dished to Hollyscoop exclusively about what girls should be doing on a daily basis to keep up with someone like him. He said, “Gym so she can get a little color, tan...she’s got to get an outfit. She can even do a little remix, the eyebrow or a haircut.”

But deep down, even a player like Mike is looking to settle down. “I am actually looking for that girl. That is true, everybody is looking for that special somebody…even The Situation,” he said.

We’re already excited about the premiere of season two of Jersey Shore, especially since hearing news that the whole original cast is on board, including Angelina who left the show after a couple episodes. And The Situation is eyeing a long future ahead in television.

He told Hollyscoop, “Well right now I’m just conquering reality. They call me the reality king, taking over MTV. Then after that…some movies and probably my own show.”

Think he’ll make it past season two of Jersey Shore? Mike definitely has the confidence to succeed in the biz!

To check out our red carpet interview, click on the video below.