The Situation Ditching Jersey for LA

October 5, 2010 By:
The Situation Ditching Jersey for LA

Mike "The Situation" is ditching the state that made him famous in the first place. That’s right, he’s leaving New Jersey for good, and making LA his permanent residence.

He told George Lopez on 'Lopez Tonight' that he is "definitely moving to L.A.," saying, "I love it out here, I'm definitely gonna move out to here."

"Mike has wanted to get out of Jersey for years," a friend of the reality star tells Popeater. "He hates it. He has always seen his future in New York or Los Angeles and now that he is rich and famous I doubt he will ever want to return to Jersey again."

But there’s only one problem—Mike is contracted to Jersey Shore for a while. But he thinks he’s a big shot now.
"Mike will go back and tape shows for MTV but the second the camera is off he's on the first plane out back to LA," a TV insider explains.

"He's gone all Hollywood now. He thinks he's better than everyone and has gotten a huge head. He wants to be hanging out with Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise now not the folks at the Jersey Shore."

He is ridiculous! It’s only a matter of time until he’s kicked off DWTS for sucking, and then his only reason for fame is Jersey Shore, which can’t go on forever. He has no talent besides tanning and lifting weights, so we’re a little confused as to why he thinks he’s such a big deal!