Mike "The Situation" Opens Up About His Addiction at Cirque Lodge

March 22, 2012 By:

Yesterday we learned that Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino was sent to rehab for an addiction to red-bull or exhaustion or whatever. Oh it was an addiction to prescription pills? Sure, that sounds about right.

The latest news is that Mike is staying at the infamous Cirque Lodge, the same place that Demi Moore checked out of earlier this month.

Also, Mike has finally opened up about his addiction issues and released this statement.

He said he has “voluntarily taken steps to get control of a prescription medication problem I had to due to exhaustion.”

Aha! So he was in rehab for “exhaustion.” Called it.

He continues, “I have spent the past several weeks getting treatment for this problem and recuperating from my work and appearance schedule. I appreciate my fans support and love you guys.”

Several sources at Cirque lodge have told TMZ that Mike is getting treated for more substance abuse problems than just prescription meds, but for now, but they can only confirm is a pill addiction.

Another source adds that Mike is telling the chef at the facility to prepare him special foods so that he’ll be in shape for the 6th season of “Jersey Shore.” Gotta keep that "situation" in check, right?

Apparently, the staff and fellow rehabbers are super annoyed with Mike. They say he constantly reminds everyone how famous he is. Sounds like rehab hasn't changed Mike at all.