Mike The Situation Addresses Steroids Rumors

October 11, 2010 By:
Mike The Situation Addresses Steroids Rumors

Mike "The Situation" is infamous for his six-pack abs, but he claims his super ripped body is all natural and he's no juicehead. Riiiiight.

During an interview with Nightline, The Sitch addresses rumors that he's been taking steroids to bulk up. “Oh never, never, never. The steroid look is definitely a bulkier look," he told Nightline’s Chris Connelly.

"I have a more thin, lean look. And I don’t judge. If somebody’s going to take steroids, that’s their prerogative and their body. I’m worried about taking care of myself and working out and taking my body to the best it could be."

It's like reality starlets claiming they haven't had botox when they can't move their face. Check out The Sitch’s Nightline interview in its entirety when the footage airs Monday, Oct. 11 @ 11:35 PM on ABC and you be the judge.