Happy Birthday To America And 'The Situation'

July 4, 2012 By:
Happy Birthday To America And 'The Situation'

Today, as American’s celebrate the country’s 236th birthday, the guys and gals of MTV’s “Jersey Shore” are celebrating a far more important milestone: Mike “the Situation” Sorrentino is turning the big 3-0.

Can we just take a moment here and savor the irony of the fact that The Situation was born on the 4th of July? I mean, really… Nothing says “America” like a guy who has achieved fame and fortune by appearing on a reality show.

In honor of Mike’s b-day, Hollyscoop is officially reworking the American Dream from “upward social mobility achieved through hard work” to “upward social mobility achieved through heavy drinking, reality TV, and hair gel.”

Still, having free fireworks every year on your birthday would be a sweet deal.

Along with cake and noisemakers, we suspect that The Situation will celebrate by partaking in his favorite marathon activity: GTL.

And Mike’s certainly got a lot to celebrate this year. He just got back from a rehab trip for his addition and he also just began filming along with the rest of the guido gang at Seaside Heights for the sixth season of “Jersey Shore.”

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Mike makes $150,000 per episode of “Shore. He has a value of $6 million. He was on track to make $5 million in endorsements in 2010 alone, but that was before the whole rehab stint.

The group will likely keep the party going into the night, celebrating for Pauly-D who will be turning 32 tomorrow.

So, happy birthday Mike and Pauly!