NAME:Mike "The Situation" BIRTH DATE:July 4, 1981 (Age: 33) PLACE OF BIRTH:Staten Island, New York

Born Michael Paul Sorrentino on July 4, 1981, in Staten Island, New York, The Situation became an overnight celebrity when he appeared on MTV's hit reality series Jersey Shore in 2009, and has since turned his once unknown name into a worldwide brand.

In part of his time as an underwear model at the age of 25, The Situation garnished most of his fame from his stencil-like abdominals and go-to line "We've got a situation" throughout the show's duration from 2009 to 2012. Also during this time, the reality superstar further built his reality enterprise when he landed hefty endorsement deals with famous companies like Reebok and Devotion Vodka in addition to the release of his rap song, ghost-written autobiography, 2010 workout DVD and debut clothing line Situation Nation in 2011.

Although The Situation looked to be enjoying himself atop the money train, the public soon realized the TV personality's personal life was hitting an all time low on March 21, 2012, when he confirmed that he had checked into the Cirque Lodge to help treat his prescription medication addiction. The Situation went on to successfully complete the program and check out of the treatment center in April 2012.

Aside from the Jersey Shore, The Situation has appeared in several TV series, including New Stage (2011) and Suburgatory (2012), as well as the satire film The Three Stooges (2012) and the musical comedy Skum Rocks! (2013).

In March 2013, the New York Daily magazine hinted at the possibility of The Situation getting his own spin-off show, which most likely would revolve around the GTL King and his family. The reality star practically confirmed the report soon after it was made public when he tweeted and retweeted "Def leaked info lol."

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