Mickey Rourke Would Rather Do a Gorilla than Courtney Love

February 13, 2009 By:
Mickey Rourke Would Rather Do a Gorilla than Courtney Love

Poor Courtney Love. She’s such a hot mess. And the biggest hot mess of them all, Mickey Rourke, wouldn’t touch her with a 10-foot pole.

There’s been a sick rumor circulating the web the past few days that the two of them were hooking up. Which has worked great for our diets since the thought of it makes us lose our appetite!

The Mirror started the rumor, saying the two were texting each other at Elle’s Woman of the Year party. Sources say they’ve been linked up since the Golden Globes.

But don’t believe any of it! Classy Mickey has slammed the story, and he wants everyone to know he’s above Courtney Love. Yeah, because Bai Ling is so much better.

Last night while Mickey was leaving a bar in NYC, he told the paps, “I’d rather be on a deserted island with a gorilla.”

He would say that. And we wouldn’t put it past him to actually take off to a deserted island with furry friend. Well at least we won’t have anymore Mickey-Courtney visuals from now on.

We’re not so sure we like Mickey Rourke being thrown back in the limelight. He needs to go back into hiding!