Mickey Rourke Turns Down WWE Match

January 29, 2009 By:
Mickey Rourke Turns Down WWE Match

Is he? Isn't he? After initially agreeing to star in a WWE wrestling match with Chris Jericho, 'The Wrestler' star Mickey Rourke has had a change of heart.

During the SAG awards this past Sunday Rourke told Extra: “Chris Jericho, I’m coming after you’re a$$, so you better get in shape brother!” So we can assume that’s a yes? He went on to say, “You bet you’re a$$ I’m gonna do it.”

Sorry to disappoint all you WWE fans, but either he was just joking, or he realized it was a bad idea and changed his mind.

A rep for Rourke says, "Mickey was very honored to be asked as he has the greatest respect for WWE however he will not be participating in Wrestlemania. He is focusing entirely on his acting career."

Ahh boo! No fun. We don't even watch wrestling and we would have tuned into that match. What are your thoughts on 'The Wrestler' getting into wresting?