Mickey Rourke To Jump In The WWE Ring

January 26, 2009 By:
Mickey Rourke To Jump In The WWE Ring

Maybe Mickey Rourke is taking his latest role in The Wrestler a little too seriously.

He’s gotten a lot of critical acclaim for the role, and is even up for an Oscar! This was a huge comeback role for Mickey, about a pro-wrestler who falls on hard times.

And now he’s planning on jumping in the real-life ring for Wrestle Mania. But this time around, a director won’t be on hand to shout “cut!”

Mickey appeared on the red carpet for last night’s SAG Awards, and proceeded to tell Extra, “The guys in the wrestling world, from Vince McMahon, to Rowdy Piper, to Rick Flair, they’ve all been supportive/ I almost didn’t do this film, but things worked out. And now Vince wants me to do Wrestlemania in Houston.”

When asked if he would accept the offer, Mikey said, “Chris Jericho, I’m coming after you’re a$$, so you better get in shape brother!” So we can assume that’s a yes? He went on to say, “You bet you’re a$$ I’m gonna do it.”

Rourke will be participating in WWE’s “Wrestlemania 25” in Houston on April 5th. We’d be scared if we were Chris Jericho! Mickey Rourke is such a badass!