Mickey Rourke Hooks Up with Bai Ling

January 15, 2009 By:
Mickey Rourke Hooks Up with Bai Ling

Mickey Rourke is a hot commodity these days. Having just won a Best Actor Golden Globe for 'The Wrestler' he could have almost anyone he wants in Hollywood, but he clearly has a soft spot for z-listers.

The NY Post is reporting that Rourke was spotted with Sean Penn and his wife Robin Wright Penn at the Chateau Marmont in Hollywood the other night when he was approached by Bai Ling.

"Rourke was only too happy to oblige the Chinese-born actress and the two 'made out and partied pretty hard,'" the post reports.

Really Mickey? Bai Ling? You can have anyone you want right now and this is how you start?

They must have first gotten chummy when Bai showed up to 'The Wrestler' premiere after party on December 17. And just last weekend Bai Ling helped introduce the Mickey Rourke cover for the LA Confidential party at the London Hotel in Los Angeles.

Sure, it's probably a random short lived hookup, but we were expecting more for Rourke. We don't really know why though.