Michelle Williams Dons Racist ‘Redface’ Look

March 13, 2013 By:
Michelle Williams Dons Racist ‘Redface’ Look

Welp, we’ll chalk this one up as the worst decision of the day...

Michelle Williams, AKA the petite pixie who embodied Marilyn Monroe in My Week With Marilyn, is embarking on her newest role: the face of an accidental racist smear campaign.

Thanks to a new cover that the actress appears on in the UK fashion publication AnOther Magazine, today, “Michelle Williams” and “prejudiced” go hand in hand.

In the photo, Williams—who, it’s worth noting, is normally pale, blond and natively of Montana—wears the stereotypical dark braids, feathers, a solemn face and sunken eyes. Oddly, she also sports a flannel shirt, jeans and an academic gown.

It’s quickly becoming the most offensive pop culture reference against American indigenous people since Victoria Secret’s controversial fashion show, receiving its fair share of harsh criticism.

Regarding that “harsh criticism,” Jezebel writes:

“Some folks contend that since it's acceptable to dress up as a cowboy, they should get a pass for dressing up as an ‘Indian.' Wrong. Donning the customary dress of a profession, like that of a cowboy, or a firefighter, or a police officer, is not comparable to wearing a hackneyed ‘Indian' costume because being Native is not an occupation. American Indians are an entire race of people. We are living, breathing, human beings, made up of hundreds of separate Tribal groups, each with their own history, culture, language, and often, land base.”

And from Refinery29.com:

“The tagline "there's no place like home" is actually very pointed in this instance, given the fact that thousands of Native Americans were forcefully ousted from their homes (not to mention slaughtered and denied full rights of citizenship) when European settlers came to this continent.”

It also doesn’t help that L. Frank Baum, who authored the source material to which Williams’ new film project, Oz the Great and Powerful, was based, once publicly advocated the extermination of American Indian peoples…

Hollyscoop has reached out to both the Native American Rights Fund and AnOther Magazine for comment. We’re currently waiting on a response from both.