Michelle Williams Dating Spike Jonze

July 24, 2008 By:
Michelle Williams Dating Spike Jonze

Michelle Williams seems to finally have found something to smile about. According to the Daily Mail, she is dating director Spike Jonze, who is the ex-husband of Sophia Coppolla.

They've been spotted several times near Spike's Manhattan apartment, and seen kissing a couple weeks ago.

Michelle met Spike when she auditioned for Where The Wild Things Are, but she ended up declining on the part she was offered. But the two met up again on the set of Synecdoche, New York last year. It seems their friendship is budding into a little romance!

Michelle deserves to be happy after all she's been through. We think she's handled the death of Heath Ledger as best she can for herself and more importantly, her daughter. It's great to see her moving on, and they would make such a cute couple!