Michelle Williams and Jason Segel Get Sneaky

April 23, 2012 By:
Michelle Williams and Jason Segel Get Sneaky

Uhhh oh, Michelle Williams and Jason Segel are more serious than people think. The couple is avoiding the cameras, that’s how you KNOW it’s serious.

Williams attended the premiere of her new film Talk This Waltz in NYC Sunday and her reported beau Segel didn’t walk the carpet with her, but did “sneak through the back entrance to be there with Michelle” for the screening itself, an eyewitness tells Us Weekly.

This is how you judge the “realness” of a Hollywood relationship: by whether they avoid the public or not. Case in point: Miley Cryus parades her boytoy Liam Hemsworth around like a show pony, because she wants everyone to stop calling her a “party girl.” Michelle Williams and Jason Segel are sneaking around because they are afraid the media will ruin their special bond. See, it’s real.

However, once the couple got inside the doors of the afterparty, they weren’t hiding their affection.

“There was no mistaking that they were a couple,” says the eyewitness, “They seemed very comfortable and happy to be there celebrating together.”

“Michelle seems completely enamored by Jason,” says the source.

They may be a new couple, but the two have actually known each other for years. Before Williams and Segel started dating, Williams brought her BFF Busy Philipps to every red-carpet event, and if you remember, Philipps and Segel starred together on “Freaks and Geeks,” so all of them have been friends for years. According to reports, it wasn’t until February that Williams and Segel actually got together romantically.

“They’re much more serious than everybody thinks,” says a source, “They’re really happy!”

Reps for both Michelle Williams and Jason Segel are not commenting at this time.