Michelle Williams, Jason Segel and Matilda Get Adorable Lunch In NY

July 16, 2012 By:
Michelle Williams, Jason Segel and Matilda Get Adorable Lunch In NY

Michelle Williams, daughter Matilda, and Williams' boyfriend Jason Segel go out for a super cute walk and lunch in Brooklyn on Sunday.

Wow, things must be super serious between Michelle and Jason because he was spotted walking around with Matilda last week in NY. Two sightings with Matilda Ledger and Jason Segel in one week!? There’s GOT to be a “How I Met Your Mother” joke in here somewhere.

Unless Michelle Williams is pulling a “Kate Hudson” (because Kate Hudson’s son was introduced to so many boyfriends), it seems like Michelle and Matilda’s new hangouts with Jason mean that things between the two actors are getting very serious. I wouldn’t be surprised if I see a Spring 2013 wedding between these two lovebirds. Okay, now I just sound like a celebrity tarot card reader.

While the happy threesome chowed down in Brooklyn, Matilda seemed very grossed out by whatever she was eating.

The trio then went for a walk while Jason seemed pretty amused by tiny Michelle having to carry her growing daughter.

On Saturday, the couple reportedly took Matilda to see "Jersey Boys" on Broadway and then later stopped by the Duxiana bedding story for some retail therapy.

Six-year-old Matilda is William’s only child, whom she had with late actor Heath Ledger.

I think Jason would make an excellent stepdad, I mean, he makes Muppet movies for a living and generally looks like an overgrown character from “Shrek.” Little kids love that.