Video: Michelle Obama Breaks Into Kimmel's House, Drags Him Out of Bed

October 26, 2012 By:
Video: Michelle Obama Breaks Into Kimmel's House, Drags Him Out of Bed

You think your alarm clock sucks? Just be glad the President’s wife doesn’t live in your house.

Michelle Obama may be one of most well dressed, well-spoken first ladies we’ve ever had, but when it comes to her personal wake up calls, she’s kind of rude. And I say that in the most respectful way possible…

She debuted her military-style alarm clock techniques during an appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”

The demo came in the form of a sketch segment on the late night show. “5:42 a.m” a title card reads. The skit opens with Jimmy sleeping in his bed, snuggled up under the covers like the big, cozy ball of fun that he is. From the look on his face, he’s dreaming about puppy dogs and tea parties with a gathering of Mother Goose characters.

Michelle tiptoes into the room, armed with air horn and a megaphone already done up in a turquoise day dress with not a hair out of place. (What time does this Woman get up?)

Keep in mind this is all after the fact that she apparently broke into the house…

She creeps up to the talk show host, still sleeping soundly, and raises her instruments of morning torture. Her warm smile and dainty stride contradicts the evil act she is about to commit…

She blasts the horn and screams into the megaphone as Jimmy struggles to get his bearings on this nightmare he has somehow woken up to.

“Election day. ELECTION DAY,” she shrieks. “Up and at ‘em. Time to get up and vote.”

Michelle chases Jimmy into the bathroom, yelling at him the whole way.

“And eat some carrots,” she yells, as he closes the door.

The ease that Michelle pulled off the stunt raises some concerns about what goes on in the actual White House. (I for one feel sorry for Sasha and Malia on those early school days.)

More importantly, unless you want to risk the same fate as Jimmy on Election Day, you should probably just go ahead and vote. It’s Tuesday, November 6th. Mark your calendars. And remember…Michelle is watching you!

Check out the clip below!