Michelle Obama Scolds Olympics Hero Gabby Douglas for Eating Fast Food

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“The Tonight Show” got a strong kick of girl power on Monday.

Making appearances on NBC’s late night talk show this week were two of the boldest American women in the spotlight right now, First Lady Michelle Obama and Gold Medalist Gabby Douglas. On the topic of discussion was winning (not the Charlie Sheen kind), Kate Middleton, and even Michelle’s Olympic abilities.

After Michelle finished explaining what exactly was going on in the somewhat bizarre opening ceremonies of the London Games, Gabby joined the discussion carrying her two gold medals and a matching miniskirt.

The first, and obvious topic up for grabs was Gabby’s tremendous success at such a young age.

“At first, it really hasn’t sunk in on the podium,” the 16-year-old told the host. “Everyone was telling me that it was going to sink in when I got home … It’s definitely sunk in now.”

In regards to that success, for Gabby, the actual experience of winning far surpassed what had dreamt it would be.

“I never thought I would be doing a show with the First Lady,” she said, adding, “Or even you, Jay.”

The First Lady was as sweet as could be, but she did jokingly scold Gabby for confessing that she ate an Egg McMuffin at McDonald's after the competition was over.

"Yeah, Gabby, we don't, don't encourage him," Michelle said with a laugh, "I'm sure it was on…"

"A salad," Gabby quickly added. Sounds gross actually. "A whole wheat McMuffin," said Obama before jokingly adding, "You're setting me back, Gabby."

The Team USA girls also got a chance to meet Kate Middleton during the vault finals. The British celebrity and fashion trendsetter came up to the athletes and told that she loved their “leos.”

As a joke, later on, Jay put a picture of young Michelle up on the screen for Gabby to judge. In the shot, young Michelle attempted her best headstand, which Gabby offered top marks for.

“I think that is amazing,” said Gabby, referring to the photo. “Her form is a ‘10.’”

Gabby and Michelle exchanged high-fives and the First Lady thanked her for her generosity.

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