Michelle Obama: Bo Is a Crazy Dog

April 23, 2009 By:
Michelle Obama: Bo Is a Crazy Dog

The Obama’s new pet Bo is apparently a big handful at the White House! Michelle Obama opened up about their four-legged friend to reporters during a meet and greet for Take Your Child To Work Day today.

She said, "He's kind of crazy, but he's still a puppy. So he likes to play a lot. He loves to chew on people's feet." And Michelle knows him best of anyone in the family, since she’s the one training him.

She said during the question-and-answer session, "Well, right now I'm taking care of this puppy. So I'm doing a lot of dog walking and dog training."

Bo is definitely making his presence known at his new house. Michelle recalled a couple of night’s prior, saying, "It was like 10 o'clock. Everybody was asleep and we hear all this barking and jumping around. The president and I came out and we thought somebody was out there. And it was just Bo. He was playing with his ball. And it was like there was another person in the house."

But despite Bo’s energetic personality and normal puppy behavior, Michelle and the rest of the Obama family are working hard to train Bo into a well-behaved White House dog.

She said, "That's why we're working on training him, so that he doesn't run away and he listens when we call him. And so far he's doing OK, so we hope we don't have that problem."

We highly doubt Bo would be able to get past all the guards on the White House lawn! It sounds like Michelle and the gang has their work cut out for them!

Hollyscoop caught up with a few stars on the red carpet to find out what kind of dog they would have chosen for the Obama's.

Bai Ling said she would have picked a "Big one, Like a really really feisty a wild one." Chris Carmack said he was "hoping for something with a little more guts, but you know he's got two little girls so it’s a good pick."

Erica Hubbard from Lincoln Heights thinks "The little cute dog is a very good pick. But you know what I'm from Chicago so anything that Obama does is good with me."

Marsha Thomason wouldn't pick a dog to send to the White House because she's "more worried about Obama's policies than his dog." If you could have picked what kind of dog the Obama's got, what would your choice have been?