The Salahi Saga Continues: Tareq Salahi Divorcing Michaele Salahi

September 16, 2011 By:
The Salahi Saga Continues: Tareq Salahi Divorcing Michaele Salahi

After Michaele Salahi faked her own kidnapping and ran away to be a groupie to Journey guitarist Neal Schon, her clueless husband Tareq Salahi is finally divorcing her.

Yeah bro, divorce that ho! (I heard that chant coming from a frat house one day and it always stuck with me.)

There’s a video on TMZ where Michaele wraps her arms around Neal Schon and plants a kiss on his cheek while a man’s voice filming the video says, “Awww there ya go, hugs and kisses for Neal. Rock on, Journey!”

Too bad the man filming the clip was Michaele’s husband Tareq. So clueless! I almost feel bad for the guy, especially Neal’s guilty laugh, as if to say, “Journey ain’t the only thing I’m rocking tonight! Heyoo up top! YOUR WIFE!”

This video was recorded over Labor Day weekend, not even two weeks ago. According to sources who steal people’s cell phones, Neal sent Michaele a suggestive text message before the Labor Day show, which was a make-up date in Virginia when they had to reschedule due to Hurricane Irene.

He texts her, “I will be there on the 4th for a make-up date. Solo!!!! Can u?”

Tareq is telling friends he can never trust Michaele again and that she’ll probably beg him to take her back, but he’s still divorcing her ass.

He’s changed the locks on their home and the winery.

Michaele has allegedly been in this affair with Neal since they met in 1995. This affair plays out like one of those romance novels with the nearly pornographic illustrated covers that old ladies read to feel worse about their lives.

Basically, they met in 1995, before Michaele was ever engaged to Tareq, and Neal and Michaele struggled to restrain themselves because just too many sparks were flying.

Then in 2009, they finally hooked up and apparently it was magical. Michaele confided in one friend, “I remember crying so hard once when I told Neal I couldn’t see him – heartbroken. He was always the love I never knew where it would go.”

Michaele also says that she and Neal expected to spend the rest of their lives together.

“We promised one another that we would grow old together and into our 80’s and always love and be there for one another.”

Is it really true love, or is Michaele just Neal’s Penny Lane?