Michaele Salahi NOT Kidnapped - Just Hooking Up With a Rockstar

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Michaele Salahi NOT Kidnapped - Just Hooking Up With a Rockstar

Michaele Salahi was kidnapped, but was actually not kidnapped and just ran away with her boyfriend. If your first question is, "Who the f-ck is Michaele Salahi" you are not alone.

Quick backstory: Michaele and her husband Tareq Salahi both appear on the Bravo show, "The Real Housewives of D.C." and this is the couple that were famously labeled the "White House Crashers" when they showed up uninvited to the white house, somehow passing through security and various levels of Secret Service screenings to shake hands with Barack Obama himself. She even posed for photos with Joe Biden and uploaded them to her facebook!

Basically, the Salahi's are making headlines again for being kidnapped! Kind of.

TMZ reported earlier today that Michaele's husband called police claiming that his wife had been kidnapped. Apparently he came home from work early, she wasn't there and none of her bags were packed. Tareq assumed she was kidnapped and called the cops. Apparently the police weren't taking him seriously because you know, he crashed an Obama party, so the Salahi's are known as low-key fame seekers.

She then called her husband from an unknown number in Oregon and said "I went to get my hair done," which was supposed to explain her absence? They live in Virginia but she had to get her hair done across the country? Hmmm.

Oh but the weirdness doesn't stop there. Tareq didn't believe her and kept calling the police, meanwhile Michaele called the police herself to tell them that she wasn't kidnapped but rather that she ran away.

Michaele called Virginia police and told them she did not want her husband to know where she was and that she was with a "good friend and was where she wanted to be."

Huh? Whatever. But wait, the plot thickens.

Michaele wasn't just running away with any old "friend" she's reportedly cheating on her husband with Journey lead guitarist Neal Schon.

What!? Seriously, this woman is begging to have her own reality show!? Who does this?! What grown woman fakes her kidnapping and runs away with the guitarist from an 80's hair band!?!

Apparently Michaele Salahi has been dating the rockstar for some time now and is with Schon in Memphis where Journey is performing with Foreigner.

Scoop Marketing, the rep for Journey, confirmed to TMZ that "Nobody kidnapped her and they are in Memphis together."

There are ways to get famous. Faking your own kidnapping to cheat on your husband and crashing parties at the White House is not the way to do it!

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