Michael Phelps Worth Another $100 Million

August 18, 2008 By:
Michael Phelps Worth Another $100 Million

It pays to win gold--literally! During an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Michael Phelps' agent Peter Carlisle said he intends on capitalizing on the Phelps brand in a bid to become the next Michael Jordan or Tiger Woods.

"What is the value of eight golds in Beijing before a prime-time audience in the U.S?" asked Peter Carlisle, "I'd say $100 million over the course of his lifetime."

Carlisle confessed that Phelps has been getting about 50 offers a day including bobblehead dolls, acrylic paintings, commemorative coins, car rims, tuxedos, and dog food ideas.

Considering the fact that this years Olympics were the 'Michael Phelps Olympics,' just about every American would buy anything he's selling at this point. Way to go Michael!