Michael Phelps Learns to DJ Then Falls Over in Vegas

October 26, 2012 By:
Michael Phelps Learns to DJ Then Falls Over in Vegas

This is what happens when you put an 18-time gold medalist in any situation other than an Olympic pool.

Following his impressive medal-earning streak at the Olympics, Michael Phelps has taken the celebration to Las Vegas. The reportedly retired champ was spotted tearing up the scene at XS nightclub in the party city.

A source tells Hollyscoop that Phelps was at the club, learning how to spin tracks from DJ Steve Aoki on Monday during the electronic house music artist’s residency.

“Aoki showed Phelps the ropes behind his personal style, from crowd surfing, to jumping on top of the booth, to his signature Aoki jump,” the source says.

But apparently the EDM’r’s lessons didn’t sink in, because about two seconds into his crowd surfing experience, Phelps fell the crowd’s height to the ground.

A video of the Olympic fall was published by TMZ.

In the clip, Phelps is shown boarding an inflatable raft with Aoki moments before it set sail over the sea of on lookers enjoying the performance...

First of all, in the swimmer’s defense, whoever’s brilliant idea it was to put Michael on top of anyone had his or her brain clogged with chlorine. That’s about 200 pounds of solid man muscle and unless the raft was filled will some government helium solution, it’s not going to do much for the frail, soon-to-be-crushed souls beneath him. So, please excuse our non-GASPs while watching him fall.

Despite the flub, Phelps and Aoki apparently hit it off as besties.

“The two created an instant friendship and made the always-amazing set even that more fun for the clubgoers,” the source added.

That is, unless you were the clubgoer serving as Phelps’ airbag during his plummet to the concrete ground below...