Michael Phelps' Girlfriend Megan Rossee Quits Club Job!

August 9, 2012 By:

Earlier this week we broke the story on Michael Phelps' not-so-secret girlfriend Megan Rossee. The 25-year-old model/cocktail waitress is the most famous girlfriend in the world right now and she’s enjoying the perks of dating the most decorated Olympian ever!

As we previously reported, Phelps had asked his girlfriend to quit her cocktail serving job at Hollywood nightclub BLOK and now she's answered his request.

A source tells Hollyscoop that “Megan quit her job at the nightclub almost immediately after the news of her and Michael broke.”

But don’t think she’s a gold-digger, it was Michael who wanted her to quit her job.

“Michael no longer wants Megan working in that type of environment,” the source tells us, “So he’s agreed to cover any expenses she has until her modeling and acting career take off.”

Michael didn’t want his girlfriend in the nightclub scene night after night fighting off all the drunk Hollywood-types who would undoubtedly be hitting on his girl.

Obviously his gold medals and endorsement deals have left him with quite a heavy wallet, taking care of his girlfriend shouldn’t be a problem. Let’s hope they don’t break up!

Our source also told us previously that Michael wants his girlfriend to come travel the world with him, but she hadn’t make the decision if she wanted to quit her job or not. Better get her passport ready, because nothing is holding her back now!

However, we heard that Michael is taking one trip without his girlfriend before the love birds go on their world trip. Michael and his guy friends are heading to the Maldives for a post-Olympic bro-trip.