Michael Lohan's Reality Show Gets the Green Light

September 10, 2010 By:
Michael Lohan's Reality Show Gets the Green Light

Michael Lohan’s reality show is a go! The father of Lindsay Lohan is reportedly going to start shooting Celebrity House LA, formerly called Celebrity House NY right here in the City of Angels.

Lohan recently moved across the country from New York to Los Angeles in an attempt to be closer to Lindsay. But it seems the show had a lot to do with it as well.

A source tells X17Online, "Celebrity House LA is no longer just going to be a web series. It's going to be a syndicated reality show on TV and Dr. Drew's production company is behind it."

The idea was created as a web series featuring Michael and other Z-listers living together in a Southampton house. Lohan's ex Kate Major was also attached to star in the project. But they’ve since broken up.

In related news, Michael has yet another legal battle on his hands. A woman from Montana named Kristi Horn Kaufman claims Michael fathered her child. In response to the allegations, Michael tells Hollyscoop that The Maury Povich show has reached out to Kaufman regarding doing
a paternity test three different times, and she’s declined every time.

He tells us, “So tell me, if Kristi is so sure and she even had the nerve to change
Ashley's birth certificate to my last name, WHY won't she take the test?
On October 5th, in Riverhead Court, my attorney Ed Burke Jr, will ask that
her $300,000 judgement for support ( which she got in my absence) , be set
aside, while we reopen the case in Montana, and DEMAND a paternity test.

What nerve this 3 times scorned con woman has, to have her daughter claim
she is my daughter, without any proof and not wanting to find out the truth

What a mess! It’s like trouble seeks Michael out constantly. Guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree..