Michael Lohan's Ex Arrested for Hacking His Phone

March 11, 2010 By:
Michael Lohan's Ex Arrested for Hacking His Phone

Another day, another drama for Michael Lohan and Erin Muller! Hollyscoop has just learned EXCLUSIVELY that Erin has been arrested for violating a protective order Michael had placed against her.

He contacted us to explain how he’s finally going to get a little justice when it comes to Erin. As you may recall, Michael was arrested in January and charged with criminal contempt for contacting Erin. But back then, he told Hollyscoop she was actually the one who called him.

Now Michael claims he has even more information on Erin that paints her as the criminal, not him. Just this morning, TMZ reported that Erin claimed to have found a tracking device uneder her car, and says she knows Michael put it there.

“She’s coming up with these lies because there’s a warrant for her arrest right now,” he told us. “And she knows that there’s an investigation being done on her—federal, state, civil, and criminal—for hacking my computers, my cell, my emails, my everything.”

Michael tells us he taped various conversations with his ex, and plans to use them against her in court.

So what went sour between these two, who at one point seemed very much in love? Michael claims it boiled down to money. “This all happened because I cut her off financially after I found out that she was pregnant from a cocaine dealer and she didn’t know if the baby was mine or his, and she had a abortion without telling me,” he confessed.

Sounds a little sketchy to us! Plus, Michael says he’s been waiting a while for Erin to finally get cuffed. “There’s been a warrant out for her arrest since January 27 from violation from the order protection in which she actually admits that she had me arrested under false charges as well,” he said.

This saga seems to get more and more complicated each time Michael or Erin is arrested. Hopefully this is the end of it, and Michael will be able to tell his side in court and move on with his life.