Michael Lohan's Arrest: His Side of the Story

January 29, 2010 By:
Michael Lohan's Arrest: His Side of the Story

Yesterday morning Michael Lohan was arrested on Long Island and charged with criminal contempt. Bryan Konoski, an attorney for Lohan's ex-girlfriend Erin Muller, told the New York Post that Michael called his client at work January 21st, which was in direct violation of an order of protection.

Michael was arrested on a similar charge in December. And according to the Associated Press, his attorney says Lohan is a victim of fabrications.

Hollyscoop spoke exclusively with Michael regarding his side of the story, saying that Erin is the one who made the phone call—not him!

Michael told us, “On Jan 21st at 3:11 pm Erin Muller called me on my cell phone. I called my attorney and he advised me not to do anything. He in turn, called Erin's (liar) lawyer, Bryan Konoski, who asked my attorney not to do anything. We agreed! However, hours later, Erin went to the police department and lied to them telling them that I called her.”

Michael went on to explain that he was then places under arrest with no proof or witnesses. He told us Erin even admitted her lie to him two days ago, something he blames on her medication (According to Michael, Erin is on bi polar/anti depressive/anti anxiety meds Topomax, Vicodin and Xanax).

Michael continued, “I did tape the call and I have proof of everything I said. The tape reads: ‘Me: Hello, hello, who's this? Erin: It's me. Me: Erin? What are you out of your mind? You lied again Erin:Yeah well Me:You called me Erin, you called me, and then I called your father to talk to him and tell him what you're doing and you have the nerve to go and lie to the police and tell them that I called you. What are you out of your mind? Erin: Listen...whatever.’

Sounds like Michael has agreed to stop talking to his ex but she can’t help herself! Michael has to be in court on February 25th now. Hope he brings that tape as proof!