Michael Lohan to Star in New Reality TV Show

November 30, 2009 By:
Michael Lohan to Star in New Reality TV Show

Michael Lohan is hoping to turn his public image around and what better way to do it than with a TV show called Deeds?

Lindsay Lohan's estranged father is helping produce Deeds, which will debut on NBC early next year. The show will test every day people on their generosity...or lack thereof.

Hollyscoop caught up with Michael Lohan and Amy Weber, who is the main host of the TV show, to get the low down on Deeds and what we can expect from the show. Here are some highlights from the interview:

HS: How will it work with a live audience and viewers choosing the winner?

Michael Lohan: "People are able to vote on the contestants at the end. There are five contestants that people will vote on."

HS: Why did you decide to get involved in this project?

ML: "Because it's very hard stuff. I thought about it and I thought how great Ashton Kutcher did with Punk'd but I wanted to put a twist on it, so instead of celebrities getting punked, it's as if celebrities are punking regular people into doing good deeds."

HS: How do you think this new show will help your public image?

ML: "To be honest with you I'm not concerned with my public image, people are always going to say what they want to say about me. I just know where my heart is and God knows where my heart is, and that's all that matters."

Hollyscoop: Tell me about your new show

Amy Weber: "It's called Deeds and it’s going to air on NBC. It will air on the weekends. We don’t have an exact time slot but sometime between 11 and 6 during the day."

HS: How is this show different than anything else out there?

AW: "It’s different from anything I have ever done, not that the other projects I have done did not have any message, but it's great that it’s a reality show that really puts ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances to see how far they are willing to go for their fellow man or woman."

HS: What kind of scenarios do you feature?

AW: "We had hidden cameras everywhere and we had a pregnant woman that had her purse stolen and [you see her] ask people for 5 dollars. You just see people’s natural reaction, if they help the person we come out and reward them with a prize, a cash prize, and they are in the running for the grand finale."

HS: What did you learn about people while taping this show?

AW: "You never know what someone’s circumstance is. You may judge someone and think 'oh they are homeless or doing drugs' but you never know. This one guy on the show is going to a job interview and he is trying to earn an honest dollar, he has been out of work for 6 months and he spills coffee all over his shirt. He has an interview and people are like “Get away from me!” They are not willing to hear his story...this one guy gives him a shirt off his back, it’s fantastic!"

HS: What did you learn about the people in LA?

AW: "They are not nice! People say New Yorkers are not nice but they are really nice, they are abrupt, but real, that you see is what you get. People in LA blow a little sunshine here and there, I love that everyone always talks about what they are doing or producing, it’s like call me when you have papers to sign."

HS: What other situations do you have on your show?

AW: "We have a teen that needs bus fare, older men and a blind man. It really pushes people to see what sort of fiber they are made of."

HS: How did people react when they would see you guys come out?

AW: "They were shocked, of course we rushed them but it makes them feel good. People that I have shown a small part of the pilot can’t pass a homeless person and not help them out. Its interesting after 9/11 people started saying they are part of a bigger picture, as mankind we all need each other. We could all be nicer but somehow it’s been so long that we all lost that. We are caught up in our own stuff that we have forgotten about others."

HS: What is your role on the show?

AW: "I'm the host of the show. I consider myself the glue that glues everything together. I’ll be watching and you can hear my voice over to their reactions, everything you hear is real."

HS: And Michael Lohan is a producer?

AW: "He is one of the producers. I mean it’s a little controversial since he has not had great press."

HS: Is he on the show?

AW: "You see a different side of him. He is out there thanking the people, sort of the man on the streets."

HS: How do people react when they see him?

AW: "I think people are so shocked that it’s secondary that it is Michael Lohan. I guess everyone deserves a second chance. People would say he is getting a 3rd or 4th chance. I don’t know what the truth is, we only see what is out in the media, what is from point A to Point B lies the truth...there is two sides to every story."

HS: What was it like working with him?

AW: "Definitely very business like. He is dedicated to the show and is trying to turn his life around."

HS: Do you know why he got into the show?

AW: "He wants to do something that is a complete 180 [degrees] than what he is seen as. Even now with John & Kate plus 8, you saw Kate on that show she was very abrasive, at least in my opinion she was and now you see her softer side and he is the jerk."