Michael Lohan Still Picking Fights

October 6, 2008 By:
Michael Lohan Still Picking Fights

Michael Lohan can’t get it through his head that no one is interested in fighting him, and the world would be a calmer place if he just went away.

But no, he’s so bent out of shape to get someone to fight him in the boxing ring, that he’s putting himself of public auction.

As part of the Long Island Fight For Charity, Michael is offering the highest bidder a chance to fight him in the ring. Wow, what a prize…We love that he acts like this is for charity, when we all know he’s just looking to release large amounts of anger due to the fact that his non-lesbian daughter and her girlfriend don’t think he’s cool.

The fight will take place on November 24th. But not just any Joe Schmoe off the street will get the chance to knock him out. The bidding starts at $5000. What a huge waste of money! Lindsay should bid herself!