Michael Lohan Shopping Around Nude Photos of Ex Fiance

July 27, 2010 By:
Michael Lohan Shopping Around Nude Photos of Ex Fiance

Just when we thought the Lohan drama couldn't get any worse--it does. Michael Lohan is reportedly shopping around nude photos of his ex fiancé Kate Major.

As you may recall Michael and Kate had a big fall out last week after she claimed he shoved her and kicked her in the face. He accused her of stealing money from him and she's accusing him of abuse. And now there are nude photos--of course.

According to TMZ, Kate claims Michael took the photos of her while she was sleeping and has been shopping them around. Michael claims he has no idea how the photos were leaked and claims they were most likely "stolen."

He said, "I feel really bad for the way things have unraveled, she's a really good person at heart."

Kate is obviously talking to her lawyers trying to figure out how to put a stop to these, but what's done is done. They're most likely spreading like wildfire right now on the internet.

Another case of he-said, she-said. Who do you believe?