Michael Lohan Responds To Restraining Order Rumors

September 26, 2008 By:
Michael Lohan Responds To Restraining Order Rumors

We should have seen this coming! Michael Lohan has responded to the rumors
going around that his daughter Lindsay wants to file a protection order against her father because she fears for her life.

In the statement, Michael says that Lindsay should get an order against Samantha and not him. He also talks a lot of smack about Lindsay's publicist Leslie Sloane.

Read the entertaining statement he released to x17 below:

"BEING THAT THIS STATEMENT WAS MOST LIKELY, made by Lindsay's pubicist [sic], Leslie Sloane, I , as should everyone, take it with a grain of salt since and realize that what Leslie says is laced with lies. tell me, do picutres [sic] lie? Are all the eye witness accounts, the text message and the recordings I have false? Just look at the most recent reports of Lindsay and Samantha in In Touch, The Star and even as late as last night (Sept 25th) in LA. Mind you, this was after the articles in Page Six! So tell me, who is out of control? Who is on and needs medication? And who needs retraining [sic] orders from who?

If anyone, Lindsay needs restraining orders from Samantha, the people enabling her and leading her down this dark path who are destoying [sic] her life , her career and causing her harm. I was in LA for 2 weeks and never even tried to see Lindsay other than to call her lawyer and send her "positive words" of advice.If anyone needs to be concerned , it's me! The comments made by Lindsay's advisors are ridiculous. But mark my words, things will NOT get better for Lindsay until she rids herself of the people around her who have come back in her life, since her release from Cirque Lodge. People need to stop sucking up to her to stay on her good side, and do what's right for her well being, NOT their own.Until then, I am going to sit back and let GOD do His work."