Michael Lohan Released From Jail, Returns to Jail and Flees

October 27, 2011 By:
Michael Lohan Released From Jail, Returns to Jail and Flees

So many things happening here.

Michael Lohan was released from a Florida jail on Wednesday, following a domestic dispute with his girlfriend, Kate Major. Michael insisted, "I did not lay a hand on her."

"I did not hurt her," Lohan said after his release. "If anything, I helped her. She was in a bad situation in Sarasota."

He then describes the fight he got into with Major before he was arrested:

"She called me, she came down to Ft. Lauderdale…I got her apartment here. One of the people from Sarasota gave her a hard time, I said I'm leaving. And this is the way she makes money. She has me arrested…and she sells the stories, and that's it."

Despite his side of the story, Lohan was arrested and charged with domestic violence. A day later, he was released.

Then, Thursday morning, Michael Lohan was arrested again. He allegedly tried to contact Kate. And according to TMZ, law enforcement says he tries to escape by jumping off of a third story balcony. And he fell into a tree.

Kate told police that shortly after being released from jail, Lohan made a harassing phone call to her. Then, Officers interviewed Kate at her condo, and while they were there, Michael called again. They instructed Major to put the phone call on speaker so police could listen. After hearing him, the police notified that Hillsborough County State Attorney's office.

Officers believed Michael was a "threat", so the arrived at his hotel , the Tahitian Inn in Tampa, and arrested him. Lohan tried to escape by jumping his balcony, on the third story, but ended up falling into a tree.

Why am I hearing the Cops theme song playing?

After officers pulled Michael down from the tree, they arrested him for 1) violating a condition of his pretrial release by contacting Kate, and 2) resisting arrest without violence.

Michael then went back to jail after being released less than twelve hours ago. He's since made a pit stop to the Tampa General Hospital, getting a foot injury checked out. You don’t jump from a balcony and fall into a tree without getting a few bruises. Officers say after his evaluation at the hospital, he will return to the Hillsborough County Jail.

In July, Lohan was dismissed from another domestic violence charge against him when Major failed to show up for the trial.