Michael Lohan Opening Rehab Center

August 27, 2010 By:
Michael Lohan Opening Rehab Center

Michael Lohan has a brand new project: he’s opening up his own rehab center. He tells Hollyscoop all about his new venture, which will incorporate religion and kickboxing.

“Yes I am negotiating with a well-known person to open up a rehab in California,” Michael tells Hollyscoop. “It will have a faith base to it (which I feel is instrumental), but it will also have a platform that encompasses every aspect of rehabilitating the mind, body and soul.”

Michael tells us he intends on being very hands-on, and wants to run the center himself. So what will set this facility apart from the other overpriced ritzy celebrity havens?

“It will include the Koga program (Kickboxing/Yoga) , meditation, anger management and alot of group, individual and family therapy, but as I said, ALL with a spiritual connection,” he explains.

Lohan says prescription drugs won’t be a part of the healing process; rather, holistic medicines will be used. "I'm going to have a protocol that will be have to be followed. I don't believe in prescription drugs," he says. "If people come in on them they're going to have to get off of them, otherwise they'll be looking for another rehab."

We’re pretty sure drugs are an integral part of weaning patients off hardcore drugs. He should get up and running, though, so Lindsay Lohan can get the family and friends discount when she needs to go back to rehab!