Michael Lohan on Lindsay's Pal: She's a Parasite Destroying Her Life

March 31, 2010 By:
Michael Lohan on Lindsay's Pal: She's a Parasite Destroying Her Life

Michael Lohan is determined to save Lindsay Lohan from drugs, partying and all the bad influences in her life. And if he has to get doctors and authorities involved, so be it.

Yesterday Michael held a press conference to voice his concern about Lindsay's well being and Lindsay's good pal and mother quickly bashed Michael for it, claiming Lindsay is "fine" and in good hands. Uh...Lindsay is NOT fine!

Michael Lohan: Lies About Lindsay Could Kill Her

Lindsay's pal and business partner Jenni Muro was the first to bash Michael telling Radaronline: "As one of Lindsay's closest friends, business partner, and former day-to-day manager... the news of any type of press conference saddens me for the simple fact that this is her FATHER...Lindsay is working on numerous projects and anyone who makes public judgments of her, it affects her more than personally."

We're not exactly sure what "numerous projects" Lindsay's working on, but Jenni claims all is well in Lindsay's world. Of course anyone can see that Lindsay is a ticking time bomb and Michael isn't going to sit back and watch the bomb explode. In an open letter, Michael tells Hollyscoop EXCLUSIVELY:

"In response to Jenni Muro statement, all I can say is that Jenni is one of the individuals who I spoke about being an enabler and a user that needs to be out of Lindsay's life.

In Photos: Lindsay's Downward Spiral

She was one of the first parasites to some into Lindsay's life when she came out of Cirque Lodge. From there it all went down hill for Lindsay. Then she weaseled her way in from Gopher to personal assistant and then to 'business partner'.

Accomplishing nothing, blowing deals and turning a blind eye to the thing Lindsay was doing, while she said she cared so much. Jenni uprooted the good people in Lindsay's life and rooted the bad!

What is it that Lindsay has done while Jenni was in her life compared to when I was!? Wanna make a list? Jenni too, says everything is "FINE"! She says Lindsay is working ( on what and when?) since Lindsay is out all night and sleeps all day? Jenni also totally avoids the issues at hand while sucking up to her on twitter and in life.

Lindsay on the Verge of Death

Jenni and her cohorts need to go away, get a real life and stay out of Lindsay's and mine! They will a few will of the names given to authorities, if they don't get out of Lindsay's life, before they enable something horrible happening to MY daughter, MY flesh and blood. One of the people I truly love and care about! Get a life Jenni and stop destroying my daughters."

Sounds like the war of words is far from over. Whose side are you on?