Michael Lohan Offers Advice to Billy Ray Cyrus, Fails

December 14, 2010 By:
Michael Lohan Offers Advice to Billy Ray Cyrus, Fails


Michael Lohan is attempting to be the wise voice of reason for Billy Ray Cyrus in the wake of Miley Cyrus’ bong controversy. Yes, you can laugh.

Michael talked to Popeater.com about what’s going on with Miley, and why she’s acting out.

"Divorce does mess up kids," he said. "But divorce can work if both parents try to get along and don't use their children as pawns. Ask any professional about that, especially Dina! She knows all about using kids as pawns and dragging them into her dirt."

Speaking of Dina, Michael talked with Hollyscoop EXCLUSIVELY about her, calling her “The Grinch” who was trying to steal Christmas.

Michael told us Dina claims he owes her $30,000 in child support, when he really only owes $3000. He told us, “Without lowering myself to defend the ridiculous support claims (or lack of), tell me why it was "reported" to The New York Post that I owe $30,000 in support when Dina then told TMZ that I am 2 months behind at $1500 pee month.. $3000 is a far cry from $30,000.”

"For any parent to lie to the press about things like this only shows how bitter and self-absorbed that person really is! This is not about lies, money or jealousy. It's about our children,” he added.

“I feel sorry for Dina. I really want to get along. I only pray that after all Lindsay's hard work, this nonsense will stop so that she has a real chance! And while I am very proud and hopeful of Lindsay, quite honestly, I worry for her, if this behavior doesn't stop. Good brings good and bad brings bad!"

Wait, is it just me, or did Michael happen to get wayyy off topic here? He was supposed to be commenting on the Miley issue! Michael and Dina spew so much hatred at each other in the press constantly that I feel like they’re just masking their true feelings for each other and are going to get back together.