Michael Lohan: Lindsay Needs Long Term Rehab

September 22, 2010 By:
Michael Lohan: Lindsay Needs Long Term Rehab

Captain Obvious Michael Lohan is at it again with his words of wisdom for his daughter Lindsay Lohan.

He tells Hollyscoop EXCLUSIVELY that Lilo should have been sent to Morningside Recovery rather than UCLA, and that the length of time needs to be significantly longer.

“I have been saying all along that Lindsay needs long term rehab,” Michael tells Hollyscoop, “and her entire family around her to support her and good people around her who put her personal needs before their own.”

Lohan goes on to say that Shawn Chapman Holley is to blame for Lindsay going to UCLA. “It has come to me attention that while Lindsay could have followed this path, Shawn Chapman Holly and Lou Taylor leaked to the press the fact that Lindsay was due to go to Morningside Rehab so that the judge would redirect her to UCLA ( where they wanted her to go so she would be let out early), rather than spending a longer period of time in Morningside.”

He adds, While I am happy Lindsay was detoxed off all the prescription drugs, she didn't get the therapy she needed. The only way Lindsay will beat all her her addictions and resolve her problems is if she has her entire family by her through rehabilitation and thereafter.”

Now that we can agree with! Somewhere Judge Marsha Revel is saying to herself, “This is why I sentenced Lindsay to 90 days!”