Michael Lohan: Kate Major is a Broke Liar

July 22, 2010 By:
Michael Lohan: Kate Major is a Broke Liar

Michael Lohan seems like he’s pretty much done with his fiancé Kate Major. Earlier today he was charged with second degree harassment for allegedly kicking Major in the face.

But Michael says Kate is full of it, and was after his money the whole time.
He tells Hollyscoop EXCLUSIVELY, “Kate was broke and had no job. I paid for her for literally everything for her over the last 8 months. Her father wouldn't even help he,r so she sued him because he cut her off.”

Michael claims he tried to get Kate back on her feet and making money again so he made her the president of the production company he started for his upcoming reality show Celebrity House.

“I even have a document signed by her saying all the money in the account is mine and she wouldn't touch it,” Michael tells us. “But she lied and took it all as soon as I left for LA.”

Michael also claims he has a lot of dirt on Kate, and will release it if she “doesn't stop the nonsense.”

“I am tired of being used and people who need to make up stories to make money off others, like Kate did to Lindsay when she cut her off, Jon Gosselin when he cut her off and now me, when I told her to leave when I left for LA because she didn't like the way the show was going and the people in it.”

Michael tells us he’s focusing on “other valid issues” right now, which we would assume has to do with his daughter Lindsay. “I have more important issues to deal with than Kate Major,” he concludes. “My lawyers will be taking care of her.”

This whole situation seems so bizarre. Lohan denies ever causing her any harm. Who do you believe?