Michael Lohan Is Having A Baby!

July 16, 2012 By:
Michael Lohan Is Having A Baby!

Whether you are ready for it or not, there’s about to be a new Lohan in the world because Michael Lohan knocked up his on-again off-again girlfriend Kate Major.

If you recall, Michael’s GF Kate Major was a former tabloid reporter who became engaged to Michael in 2010. A year later Michael was arrested on suspicion of domestic violence towards Kate and then a restraining order was put in place. Since then, Kate has called the cops on Michael a dozen times.

As far as anyone knew, they were no longer together, so this pregnancy announcement is super shocking. Well, more shocking than the headline, “Lohan spawn.”

Anyways, because restraining orders amount to nothing in Hollywood, Michael Lohan found time to get Kate pregnant, despite being held accountable to the restrainer order.

TMZ has learned that Kate is in her first trimester, but the restraining order was only lifted a couple weeks ago and if I know exactly one thing about babies and basic math, it means that Kate conceived the baby before the restraining order was over, thereby making it illegal and this baby is total contraband!

Boom! Lindsay has competition for “most troubled” Lohan offspring!

A rep for the couple DID confirm the pregnancy.