Michael Lohan: I'm Still Hanging Around

November 30, 2009 By:
Michael Lohan: I'm Still Hanging Around

Michael Lohan's tweets got a little scarier than usual on Sunday night. His official Twitter page had a post reading:

"fiancé just left me. my family hates me, i spent Thanksgiving with my mom i just cant do any of this any more.”

Michael allegedly wrote on Lindsay Lohan’s page as well, telling her he was “headed to the Brooklyn Bridge” and "@lindsaylohan, love you bye." Lindsay then replied, "death of father put me in a black hole IDK what to do.”

The only problem is that Michael denies writing any of the tweets. Michael assured Hollyscoop personally that he's not dead. "I'm still hanging around, ha ha ha," he joked.

Shortly after the bogus tweets, Michael released a public statement saying, "This is not not not me. I do not have and never had a twitter and twitter's corporate office confirms that. My lawyers are investigating.”

There’s no word as to whether Lindsay’s tweet about her father was real or not. But as mad as she may be at her father, she still must have been pretty shaken up to read them. To see all the tweets, check out Popeater.com.